Monday 29 April 2019

Just Passing Through

My lavender plants are still alive.

I never thought about using foil on the window. Around here, it usually means that someone is growing weed, but it would work for blacking it out. I shall keep it in mind.

Today has been an adventure. I started off by driving bear to school. It was foggy. It wasn't really dark, thick fog, but it was bad enough. I could see more than a hundred metres ahead - just - but it wasn't easy to see what was coming. It didn't really show until we had gone a little way up the road as it was in the countryside, and then I had to find somewhere safe to pull over (allowing for limited visibility) to find where the lights were. I dropped bear and his pal off and then I drove home. That was an adventure in itself. I suspect that I drove most of the way home in the wrong gear and got overtaken by a police car. However the fog was lifting so it was not quite so nerve wracking, especially at the roundabouts.

About five minutes after I got home, the men to replace the windows came. They replaced two windows in the study and one in the living room and the windows look amazing. It's terrifying how much light comes through windows that are actually clean, and I have sooo much cleaning I need to do. It took me ages to warm up afterwards, though, and I think I'm still only just thawing out.

By the time the windows were done, it was time to sort out collecting bear. Instead of collecting him from school, I needed to pick him up from climbing, which was in an area I didn't know very well. I ended up getting there nearly an hour early as I was so worried about parking. I think I will get there that early again as the very few parking spaces filled up quickly and I had nabbed one that was easy to get out of. It was quite relaxing. I just sat in the car and got on with a little knitting. I think I will claim that time as 'me' time. As it got nearer to pick up, the parking became a nightmare and the road got busier and busier. I did some thinking, checked Google Maps on my phone and then bear and I came home a way that I had never driven before, and some of the way I had never been down at any time before. It was awesome, no problem and bear and I decided that it was the best way home.

I am now officially exhausted, so I'm off to bed.


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