Sunday 28 April 2019

So Much for the Curtains

I've done it again. I thought, 'I can just...' and it never ends well. Today I started on bear's curtains.

Bear is swearing that he can't sleep because the light in the morning and evening is waking him up. I would be more sympathetic if he didn't wake up at daft o'clock at midwinter when it's still dark. Bear has always woken early. I guess he's dealing with high school and hitting the teen years and is feeling the strain so would like the extra help. Today I got out the Doctor Who curtains and braced myself to line them.

The curtains aren't actually curtains, as our windows are 76 inch drop, which doesn't exist in curtain sizes here, and all the Doctor Who curtains I've seen have been 54 inch or shorter. However, most duvet covers are 78 drop, more or less, so with the help of some heading tape I have perfect curtains made from two single duvets (the window is only 46 inches wide). I thought I could just turn the duvet covers inside out, attach fleece, turn right side out and then hang lined curtains.

Actually I did just turn the duvets inside out, do two rows of back stitch at the top and then turn right side out. The fleece hung beautifully after a little trim. Sadly, white fleece does not stop light. They would stop plenty of drafts and add to the body of the curtain, but it would still be just as bright. So I've ordered some proper blackout lining from eBay, which was remarkably inexpensive, and I'll get the curtains lined as soon as it comes.

In the meantime DH taped some navy microfiber towels over the window. They are awesome at blocking the light and if the tape continues to hold them up then they will do just fine. 

Today has been a useful learning day. I've learned not to try lining curtains with white fleece if I want to keep the light out. I've learned that microfibre towels are remarkably good at keeping out the light. Also, I've found The Librarians on Amazon Prime. It's a series I hadn't bothered with before, but I put it on while I was wrestling with acres of fleece and duvets and I really enjoyed the first couple of instalments.  So it could have been a lot worse.

Now I am off to move furniture and plant pots for the men doing the windows tomorrow. 

I don't have any pics of the curtains, as there is nothing to take pics of so I searched for pics of curtains and found this, and I thought it was beautiful. I hope you like it.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

Anyone who knows cats knows that those curtains are a whisker away from being shredded but it is a lovely pic.


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