Thursday 11 April 2019

Not Brilliant

I didn't have the courage to go to pick up my prescription. It looks like the car hasn't made a drastic change. I can do things for bear, but not for me. Also one of the reversing lights isn't working, so I need to speak to the awesome dealers.  Also, a few bits of other stuff, which aren't really mine to share.

But lots of good stuff happened. I picked up bear and his pal and drove them home without incident. There were a few bits as I drove there, but nothing my fault, and I had no trouble avoiding the car that pulled out in front of me - and I didn't stall once, not even on the hills! (Barb, there are automatics around, but they are less common. When I looked on the dealer's website, they had 64 cars for sale, and only two or three were automatics and a couple more semi automatic).

Writing stuff - a little while ago I had a story accepted into a steampunk anthology, called Cogs, Crowns and Carriages, but there have been some production hiccups. The original publisher has hit something of a roadblock, but another indie publisher has taken it on. She put the call out today asking for quotes to use in publicity, as she was going to put some together using Canva. I sent over some quotes from my segment of the anthology (I don't know how many other people are contributing, but they are all awesome) that she could use and I thought I would have a go myself. As I said, other people are contributing to the anthology, so this is just from my bit, but I had fun.

I'm not sure of the release date. It was originally going to be November, before all the upset, but I will of course be sharing wildly.

I also had a go at a quote from The Forgotten Village. I plan to go through my previous stuff, make a proper list of characters, identify places dig out quotes, work on plot lines and make a full list of people who I have mentioned lightly with a view to giving them their own stories. Here is my go at the Forgotten Village quote

I was quite proud of that as it's the first time I've added a stock photo.

Now I am going to have a quiet evening and try and get everything lined up for the White Hart tomorrow. 


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