Saturday, 27 April 2019

Online Shopping Fail - Again!

The lavender plants arrived today. I didn't read the listing properly and I thought the 20 lavender plants would be slightly larger than the listing promised.  Here are 20 lavender plants.

I forgot to put anything in for scale, so, for the sake of feeling like a proper blogger, I went out and put a standard mug on the steps. The mug is probably nearly sort of in the same place as the lavender plants but a step higher and a little to the right.

You can see the debris that I still haven't cleared up properly from getting rid of the old lavender. To also help with the scale, here are six of the plants, which I have put for them to get going before I transplant them in the bed by the dining room window.

I hope they do okay. They look quite healthy, are exactly as described, and will be awesome in the bed, if they survive. I don't expect them to flower this year. 

Today I have started making a dent in the dreadful state of the dining room, including the huge heap of ironing. I feel very smug because there is still a day left before the first day of the new term and I know where all the games kit is and I have already ironed shirt and trousers for bear. The blazer has come back from the dry cleaners looking almost fit for purpose despite bear's best efforts, and I've even topped up his dinner money account. All I need to do now is convince bear to sort out his bag and duck from the inevitable panic if he finds some homework he should have done throughout the holidays.

Writing stuff - It's a day late, but here is the latest from the White Hart. Yesterday I also had a really awesome coaching session about writing matters, so I'm feeling hopeful that I can get back on track and be able to share some more stuff, and better stuff.


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