Sunday 23 May 2021

Another Quiet Weekend

Wherethejourneytakesme - I can see me going out next week with the watering can in the rain - I've always used liquid fertiliser, and I think some of our plants would benefit. The weather forecast isn't showing many dry spells.

My internet is coming and going, which is an irritation. All the other devices which get internet are picking up the wifi without a problem, but my laptop is very grumbly. I think that there's something going on in the background that is taking up a lot of space. I've cleared cookies a few times, and I restart regularly, but it's still hit and miss. I apologise for any gaps.

DH and bear have been enjoying smoothies over the last few days, and I'm happy to encourage them. I got a delivery on Friday with what I thought was plenty of fruit, and it was looking seriously raided by Saturday afternoon. I thought I would have a quick run out and went to Dewsbury Market. 

It wasn't busy in Dewsbury. The carpark looked like this. And it's only 40p for an hour on a Saturday!

The market seemed quiet as well. It was at the end of the day, and some stalls were packing up, but it still felt quiet. Even when you were walking past people, it felt subdued. Unfortunately there were lots of wonderful fabrics on the market, as well as stalls full of notions and trimmings. My magpie instincts were very intrigued. Most of it was geared towards the South Asian market, with the trimmings for saris, but I'm sure I could think of a few things that would be awesome! I managed to resist, and came out with only fruit - just under £10, but it did include a pineapple. 

Today I had a quick clear out of my handbag and purse. I took photos of my vaccination card just in case. I also nipped out quickly as a parcel had come to Morrisons in Heckmondwike, and bear's prescription was at Boots at the Birstall Retail Park. I also picked up some suncream for bear on his walks and some spinach for DH's smoothies. 

I'm still using notebooks, though I think I should use them more, and they are definitely helping. I am getting a little more organised as I go. I've spent some time this evening jotting down the shopping I need to do tomorrow and the best order of things. I wouldn't say it is a thing of beauty, but it's a help. I particularly want to work on the shopping as it is too easy to be popping into shops all the time. If I plan correctly, I can do a biggish shop tomorrow and then stay out of the shops until perhaps Friday. Next week is quite busy, and I'm checking my diary a lot to try and avoid clashes. I need to be efficient. I do not necessarily have a good track record here.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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