Sunday 2 May 2021

Eye Strain

Sharon - doggy cuddles are awesome. I'm actually nervous around dogs, as I was bit on the face when I was very little. I am still one of the biggest soft touches when it comes to woofers, though, and I'm always good for a cuddle. Please pass on a cuddle from me to Shasta. And I may have branched out into washi tape here. I'm not sure what I'm doing with it, but it's shiny, pretty and I got a bundle unfortunately inexpensively. It's only a matter of time before the papers follow, and I'm not nearly as talented as you. I will have nothing to do with them.

Hazel - I have so much respect for you, learning knitting like that! The thing is, when you see a good deal, it's hard not to commit. The lesson is, you never know where a bargain will take you. Also, infinity scarves are awesome!

I want to make the curtains for the porch. Yesterday the fabric and trim arrived. Today Amazon arrived with the twine (to hold the curtain) and matching cotton. I may have been watching the 'track my parcel' on Amazon and unnerved the driver by waiting for him sitting on the step and jumping up as soon as the van parked up. I admit nothing.

Then, after a very short while, my eyes started to hurt. I suspect I need different reading glasses. Actually, I can't find mine anywhere. I use the glasses for the computer most of the time and they usually do fine. Regardless, stitching cream fabric with cream thread, even under a decent light, took its toll.

I have some rustic trim to add. I didn't know what I wanted, so I had a good browse and I found this.

I need to work on the whole lighting thing. It's a sort of cream with a jute string inner eyelet. Now I need to decide - apply or insert. It really should be inserted, but it will take some time and if I carry on like this, it will be autumn before I can enjoy the warm, floaty muslin drape. 

As I mentioned above, I've been caught by some washi tape, and I keep looking at all these junk journal tutorials. It's only a matter of time before I start gluing. I do have some reservations, though, which are currently keeping me honest. These junk journals are full of stickers and buttons and envelopes and cute papers and stamps and pretty paper, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to write stuff! I am journalling, as in, I'm writing in a journal. So far there are no flaps and envelopes, but there are a few strips of the washi tape between paragraphs. I may try pressing some flowers or similar. It isn't one of my fancy notebooks, though. It's a wirebound cheapo thing from Wilkos. It's great for writing in. I'm not so sure that it's 'journalling'.

I think my life would be a lot easier if I didn't ask awkward questions like, 'does it wash?' or 'will it fit in the car?' Or 'when in the name of goodness would I use it and how?' Then I could get into all sorts of stuff with all the bits and add ons and enjoy myself. Mind you, looking at some of the stuff stashed around, perhaps I should ask those sort of questions a little more. Life would be duller, but a lot less cluttered.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. I'd say that what you do can be classed as journalling. Before the all singing, all dancing journals with stickers, tape, stamps, etc., a journal was just filled with writing. Now it seems that all the effort goes into making it look pretty with the actual writing coming in a poor second!

  2. Your curtains remind me that I should get new drapes for my windows! As for the washi tape, have fun!

  3. It feels like the craft monster is slowly creeping up on you... I once bought 45 tablecloths at an auction but I had a good excuse - dressing all the stands at the local village fete so they looked uniform and not relying on individual stall holders to bring their own. I imagine they are still being used where I used to live although they did cost a little bit more than 99p (£10 plus auction fee if I remember rightly)!

    I am currently debating with myself whether to try and relearn how to crochet. It's a good 45 years since I last did but looking at a book from the library I kind of remember the moves. I'm just not sure if my hands will stand it. They tend to cramp after about half an hour's hand sewing. They also do it when I write more than a short note - technology has a lot to answer for.

    All I really want to do is crochet some hats because I have a big head and all the nice ladies ones don't really fit so I'm left with plain men's bobble hats in dark colours, for the most part. I really should risk the cost of a hook and a ball of wool, shouldn't I, and see if I can still do it. I can't see myself having the patience to do a whole blanket, and I certainly wouldn't manage to sew curtains by hand - good luck with that project.

  4. I have some washi tape (hanging my head but perhaps I got a little carried away with it - as you said it's so pretty!) but I don't use it too much. It frustrates me when it won't stay stuck down. Then I realised that I could just add glue to it lol