Tuesday 18 May 2021


I am grumbling along today. My lady bits are unco-operative and my back hurts. I have had a very unexciting day.

I have also bought a courgette plant from Morrisons. I have never had any success with courgettes so far, but I've stuck it in a pot and I'm hoping it all works. Fingers crossed, tomorrow I'm planting some runner beans. They look a little big for the pot, so I'm hoping that they take off.

Of course, now that I've made a plan, all bets are off. I can expect anything from sabotage from pigeons up to a meteor strike.

Hugs and good health for tomorrow. 


  1. i must admit i am never going to be a conventional gardener , we cut hard a huge lilac last month and yesterday i had a blinding flash and popped in a load of runner beans to climb up the stumps

  2. Manure - lots of it (for the courgettes of course!).