Saturday 15 May 2021

Nearly Got There

 This may be less than flowing, as my computer is having a glitch day.

Sarah - thank you! I have a lot of eczema, so dandelion salve is probably not for me. If anyone wants to read about the proper use of herbal remedies, Sarah's blog is here. She is incredibly knowledgeable, while I'm not sure that I'm a good example in such matters. When it comes to stuff like herbal salves, and practically anything involving actual ingredients, I take a 'near enough' approach that may just about work for things like casseroles but it can't be trusted with something more important. Sarah is much more reliable.

Wherethejourneytakesme - I looked at Sketchers. I have always been a bit cheap with shoes, and I suppose I'm paying the price now. I may see if I can try some on  if I have a good day. On bad days, I can't get socks on - lymphodema - and I don't like trying shoes on barefoot. I feel your pain with formal stuff. 

There has been some rain here. Bear and I were out. I did a little pruning and I potted the tomatoes (not particularly brilliantly, but at least they are done. The pots held some mint that was not doing much at all. I tipped the tubs out next to the trees opposite, on the grounds that it couldn't make things much worse and there was already a drift of beer cans and crisp packets. I need to crack on with fighting back the weeds. 

Bear started putting together the arches, but the rain got too heavy, so we came in. After that we had a wonderfully calm afternoon, and bear had an early night. At least, he went to bed.

I can smell smoke. It's driving me nuts. It smells sort of like cigarette smoke. Given that next door at the back have had some very loud rows with threats to burn the house down, this isn't reassuing. However I suspect that I may be getting cigarette smoke from their house as I am next to the chimney which can have a draught, and that is next to their cellar, and it really hasn't been the weather to smoke on the doorstep. I had a little sniff around the kitchen and there wasn't anything there. It seems to be concentrated near my chair. I can't relax now. This isn't helpful as I had bad sleep last night with a lot of nightmares and I could do with settling down myself. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Wyndsors World of shoes do Skechers cheaper although a limited range and probably last years styles but who cares for comfort. There is a shop in Huddersfield on the same retail park as Dunelm, Aldi, Matalan etc just off the ring road.