Wednesday 26 May 2021

Bit of a Rollercoaster

I spent most of yesterday evening in the hospital with a suspected heart attack. It wasn't. It looks like my heart was okay. The symptoms are probably stress. I am still in pain and struggling a little, but I am determined to keep positive.

Worried about bear. I didn't get home until after midnight and I am worried that he didn't get enough rest. I'll be keeping an eye on him. He was quiet this morning.

But in other news, on Monday I managed quite a good walk. I'm sure I saw a fox disappear into the bushes at one point, at the edge of the park and near fields, but I don't expect it to stay long as the park is very popular with dog walkers (I get great doggy cuddles).

I took some nice photos that may turn up on my writing blog as they are sort of woodland paths.

Then I stopped off in B&M to pick up stuff for the garden and I took the time to take a photo of another graffiti WAKE UP. It's on a substation thingy near B&M.

It's also very near the graveyard, about a hundred metres or so.

My mind instantly went to the grumpy, Yorkshire inhabitants of the local graveyard insisting that they weren't waking up for anyone and can we keep the noise down.

I may have a walk around the graveyard one day. It looks very nice.

Hugs and good vibes to all. 


  1. You need to take care of yourself. Hugs

  2. Sorry ma’am. I did not mean to sound rude. Please take care of yourself. Hugs Jean

  3. Big hugs Lyssa - I hope you feel better very soon x p.s gorgeous woodland pics ☺️

  4. Have you had your gall bladder checked out Lyssa? For me the symptoms of a gall bladder attack felt like a heart attack. Severe pain and being unable to breathe. I used to go deathly white, sweat then pass out. Hope you feel better soon. Xxx

  5. I wasn't expecting to read that! I hope you are feeling better and that they continue to investigate to get to the cause ... it's too easy to write things off as stress. I hope Bear recovers quickly from the trauma of your trip to hospital. xx