Thursday 27 May 2021

Some Good News

Ranee - that makes sense. I can't imagine driving a trailer at all. I'm quite happy with my little hatchback! I think there's something similar here. There are plenty of places with lots of narrow roads and twisting corners like the Lake District, Snowdonia and the Highlands of Scotland. You would take the RV to the campsite and then tour with the more manageable and economical car. MN is Minnesota? It's nice to see you. 

Eileen - Whatever happened Tuesday has been pushed to one side. I suppose I should speak to the GP, but I don't feel up to it at the moment. Thank you for the hug.

Fifitr - seeing a house on the back of the lorry must be something! And yes, I'm in Yorkshire, but West Yorkshire, and this was taking the M62 motorway(!!!) towards Hull. Thank you for the hugs, I'll be careful.

Patti - glad that the lilac brought back good memories. Thank you for the hug.

Libby - thank you, I'm feeling better. There are quite a few lilacs around here, and they cheer me up as well.

Bear got signed off from another specialist today. He's doing really well and growing like a weed. It's just physio now. He's in such a better place than he was this time last year when I was really worried. Long may that continue!

Taking him to the hospital was exhausting. I feel absolutely flattened. I plan to take it easy tomorrow (yes, I'm taking a risk saying it, but fingers crossed). I'm a big fan of the tv show Lucifer, and the second half of season five comes out tomorrow. I shall spend some time enjoying that with my knitting. At least, if everything goes to plan.

I should call in to a shop first to pick up some fruit. The men are having plenty of smoothies, and I'm all for it.

Now to catch up on some of the highlights of the first half of Lucifer Season 5!

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Looks like things are picking up for you all. Great!!!! Jean