Wednesday 26 May 2021

Doing Okay

 Pattii - thank you

Jean - you sounded lovely and caring

Deborah - that's something to think about.

It was pain in my left arm (which was excruciating) and a feeling of pressure on my chest. I did not appreciate it.

Things are okay. Our lilac bush is looking good. I walked past it this evening and the scent was heavenly. 

And just to show that the world continues to be odd, I saw a caravan towing a car today. I nearly stalled the car at the traffic lights as it swung across - it looked so peculiar! It was a motorhome or RV towing a small family car, so I suppose it made a sort of sense if there was only one driver but they would need two cars later. It just was against the natural order of things - a caravan towing a car. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Love your lilac bush. We used to have one in our garden when I was a child, it brings back memories. I do not see many around here anymore.
    Take care and hope you are feeling better.

  2. 😁 yes I always think that looks funny too, rather topsy turvy 🤭. My sister and her husband travelled around Australia in a Winnibago with their small 4WD towed along behind so that when they parked their motorhome at a new site they could go exploring in their 4WD. I hope you're feeling better today. Your lilac bush is very pretty and I was instantly transported to my childhood and my grandma who used to wear lilac scent, so thank you for that. Have a lovely day 😊

  3. Oh my goodness... sounds like you need to worry less about running round after everyone and give yourself a break - plenty of quiet time to do what you enjoy. Stress does a good job of mimicking heart attacks in women especially. I really hope it doesn't happen again, and if it should that you get it checked out thoroughly each and every time. A friend of mine had several stress 'attacks' and dismissed them after a while... and then had a real heart attack and ignored the pain for several hours. Thankfully she realised it was different and did get help in time. I'm sure you won't make that mistake but I see how caught up in lots of daily tasks you get...
    Yorkshire is the caravan capital of the world, so we often see motorhomes pulling cars. Given how much fuel the bigger ones use, it must be cost-effective, and possibly just easier, to go off for day trips in your Fiat Uno or similar rather than driving the huge van everywhere. We also see a lot of houses on the backs of lorries - my husband and I count them like magpies - "one for sorrow, two for joy" when we're driving round.
    Take very very good care of yourself, please.

  4. It's not uncommon, in the US to see anRV with a small car behind because when they park the RV, they have a vehicle that is easier to drive around if they need to get additional supplies or go somewhere to take in the sights that would be less convenient with a large RV. It's especially convenient if staying in one part for a couple of weeks but would also be convenient if traveling to different areas, I suppose. I just couldn't imagine driving anything that long and being able to judge distance from the back of the car to the front of the RV. Ranee (MN) USA

  5. It’s a common sight here. Everyone who has big motor homes pull their car behind. I would too with the price of gas. The newer motor homes have backup cameras. Works like a charm. Lilacs are wonderful. They are out here also. Jean