Tuesday 4 May 2021

Another Wet Day

Sharon - at the moment, stuff is getting stuck randomly. I have no idea what I will do next, but that's familiar territory for me. My mother could crochet a little. She also made blankets, but instead of knitting she made blankets of crocheted squares, like the granny blankets. She was always scouring charity shops for oddments of yarn and then the blanket would be donated. She always asked that the blankets be put in a raffle, or guess the weight of the yarn, or guess how long it took. No-one would pay enough to cover the yarn, let alone the time involved if it was just sold. I could never work out how crochet should go.

Fifitr - This morning, I turned off my windscreen wipers before driving through the branches in case they caught. My little car doesn't fit under them anymore. As for the lists, I'm finding that I get a lot more done if I just sketch out the order of things for something like the next hour. Even that little bit of structure helps. And if I try and plan for anything longer, it usually goes wrong. 

Speaking of changing plans, bear texted me around 11am to ask if he could be picked up later. This meant that the meals planned and the tasks for the day went out of the window. I don't really mind, but it shows that I need to be flexible and maybe just plan an hour at a time. I managed to get some bits done, regardless. Meal planning continues to be a challenge. 

It was quite cosy, waiting for bear. I'd had the car heater on as I drove there and it was roughly the temperature of a tropical rain forest. It felt like a lovely, snug, peaceful hideaway as I sat knitting quietly with just the sound of the rain hammering down. 

And speaking of cosy, I took a photo of the flowers that I got on Friday. They were just cheap supermarket flowers (I am so cheap sometimes) and they were guaranteed to last 5 days. Well, today they look like this. 

I really want to try and get a pic in every post. It helps me look at the world properly when I'm taking pictures. Mind you, it's not original or striking, but I think that they look nice. 

(candle was on offer as well...)

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. I like your photos. I rarely buy flowers but I must admit that I buy the cheap ones too lol. I like it in the summer when I can stop at the farm stand and they have some lovely little wildflowers for sale.