Tuesday 11 May 2021

Ready to Hibernate

 Thank you for all the kind wishes. I feel hugged.

Witch Hazel - I got tested for thyroid years and years and years ago, and it turned out that I was a whisker above the threshold for treatment. 

I am still tired. I've titled this post Ready to Hibernate and that's how I feel, even though it's May. I can give a few plausible explanations. One is hormonal. When I had regular periods, I had dreadful PMS at times. I wasn't snappy, but I was shattered. I used to feel the energy draining from me and I could never get much done. I'm moving (very slightly) more than normal, which could have an effect. This could be coupled with a reduced calorie intake. I'm trying to lose weight (v necessary) so I'm watching what I eat. It could be the after effects of the abscess on the tooth plus antibiotics because it can take a while to bounce back. It could be a tail end of the effects of Covid. I've struggled a lot since I had the virus (probably - it was before testing was widespread) last year. It may be a combination. Whatever it is, I'm going to bed after posting this.

I didn't manage a walk, but I called in for a few bits in Tesco and Aldi, and I've done a few tiny bits here and there. I managed to get a load of washing done as well. The school run was a little nerve wracking. The morning was okay, but the weather in the evening was atrocious. The roads were running with water and it got a little scary.

Bear isn't helping. His schedule is random, so I can't really plan what I'm doing. And, of course, he's a teenager. This morning he gave me a cheerful grin, told me that he was getting the booster today and could he have a short sleeved shirt for school. This was around fifteen minutes before we were due to leave. By some stroke of fortune, there was one clean, ironed and hanging up. I nearly got rid of it last week. I wonder what surprises I'll get next?

Hugs and good health to all.  


  1. Hope you wake up feeling a bit better - tiredness is an awful thing. I don't have a thyroid and only have about 75% energy everyday - I have just adjusted to it over the years but it can be annoying to run out of steam and all I can do is go to bed or rest as I cannot take anymore medication until the next day. Take care x

  2. Hi....please consider getting your thyroid levels checked again...having just had a total thyroidectomy I can't tell you the difference its made to my life and that within 7 short weeks.. the tiredness I felt before was sold draining, and levels do decrease as well as increase as we age (sorry) xx