Friday 14 May 2021

Keeping Moving

Fifitr - I hadn't heard of the granite trail. I shall have to look it up. I love looking at old buildings, but I haven't got a clue about architecture. When bear was younger, and we were on the bus in Leeds, we used to look up at the buildings on Park Lane and nearby and point out the statues as Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

Wherethejourneytakesme - I am deeply envious of your daughter. I haven't been there often, and never blessed with a glimpse.

Val - it was awesome, and lots more shopping opportunities left!

Today has been quieter, of course. I picked up a parcel that had been delivered to Matalan, which was heavier than I had expected. I felt a complete wimp as I staggered the few yards from their car park. Next time I shall bring my car around and put around 0.2 miles on the clock.

I also called in on the farm shop as I wanted some eggs for DH. I noticed that they had plants for sale, so I will be sorting out the garden this weekend. Well, theoretically at least. The way my plans work out, anything could happen, but I'm hoping it will be the garden. I'll be getting rid of at least some of the weeds anyway. I picked up three tomato plants while I was at the farm shop. They were 95p each (Blue Hill Farm on the A58, Birstall, if you are passing). I will see how they do. They look healthy, but I am not a caring gardener.

They had an alpaca and donkey grazing near the car park. I tried to take a pic of the alpaca, but the donkey kept photobombing, and I was having trouble seeing the screen with the way the light fell.

Speaking of weeds, I saw a video on YouTube about making Dandelion flower salve for aching joints. I asked bear if he would like it for his joints, because I could make some. The expression of mixed baffled incomprehension and utter rejection and revulsion was a triumph of teenagerdom. I may still make it for myself. 

I checked out the Salvation Army charity shop in Batley but didn't find a vase that I fancied. I plan to try a different charity shop every day I'm doing a school run. It will mean that I get some exercise at least, if only walking around car parks. Bear has forbidden me from buying anything for him, but I'm sure that I'll find something that's needed now and again.

When I was lugging the box back to our house, I realised that two or three years ago, it would have been impossible for me. I could not have done it. I couldn't have walked around like I did yesterday either. If I had tried, I would have been crippled today, and I wasn't. I have new slippers with memory foam in them, which helps, but I am in a better state than I have been for years. I'm not in a good state, I should add. The free step counter on my phone had me walking around 5.5km, or 3.4 miles. That isn't a lot for an entire day. I should easily do double. But it is a start. 

Now all I need to do is follow through with plans. I let you know tomorrow if I manage to do anything at all in the garden. 

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Sounds like you have bad feet? I can recommend Skechers footwear - I have bad feet and find I can walk normally in these, I have boots for winter and a trainer style for summer - just wish they did something more elegant for posher do's not that I get to any at the moment but events like weddings were a decent smart looking shoe is required is a killer for me - like you I am instantly crippled. Happy gardening.x

  2. Dandelion flower salve is great for light muscle massage but you want golden rod flower infused oil for deep muscle massage. The dandelion is also good for breast massage as is violet leaf oil. If you have a skin condition, I'd be wary of using the dandelion. I gave it to one of my pupils once for her eczema and she said it hurt, so I've stuck with plantain, calendula and chickweed for that ever since. A really good salve for joint pain is solomon seal root, agrimony, St John's wort and ginger oils (equal parts mixed with beeswax) or a simple one is SJW and meadowsweet, which will be flowering soon. There's a larger list plus all the instructions on how to make them on my blog.