Friday 7 May 2021

End of the Week

Thank you for all the good wishes. I really appreciate them. I was surprised when Sharon said that there was a sunlight filter when I had been trying to get rid of the dratted glare, but then I thought again. 

Today has been okay. I need to be more active, that's the bottom line. I find it hard because I'll be knitting/sewing/browsing/writing and then realise that I haven't moved for ages. I'm not going to get much done this weekend with the men around, but I'll see what I can get up to next week. I'll post after I do anything. 

One thing that I'm planning this weekend is a longish drive. Restrictions are easing, and I think the car needs a long run. She's sort of lumbering and grumbling around. Red is surprisingly nippy, even with me driving her. I have the bad habit of shooting away from traffic lights and there are a few sections on the school run where I can usually lose a white van that's too close, but I'm not really a racer. However I'm usually a little quicker out of the junction than I can at the moment. Red is not a happy car and she's stuttering and stumbling and I can't nip out quickly. I held up a huge queue at the traffic lights as I lurched around a corner instead of coasting around and off into third gear as usual. It feels like she is bunged up and has sinus trouble. 

I still haven't had the courage for the motorway yet, and I rarely get near 40mph. However with the roundabouts, traffic lights, junctions and roadworks on the school run, I'm spending more time in first and second gear and it's not good for cars. Apparently they need a good run at a decent speed to clear the filters. Poor Red is more likely to be doing 28mph for most of the school run, slowing down for cyclists, horses and chicanes of badly parked cars. 

I'm going to try and stretch her wheels over the weekend. Heavy rain and wind are forecast here, which makes it even less likely for me to head to the motorway or any speedy roads, but perhaps a good long run will help. I'll see what the weather does. I have no idea which direction I'll go in if I go out. I'll find out when it happens. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. If I had known you wanted to take Red for a long drive I would have let you go and water my tomatoes whilst we are away!!