Sunday, 28 May 2023

Bear is Not Perfect

Before I go further I want to copy and paste the seriously helpful information from Ruth W about clothes shrunk in the dryer.

About that dryer....I've found that if you put the load into the dryer and let it run about 15 minutes as a delicate load and then TAKE it all Out and hang it up to finish drying that nothing shrinks and it dries out pretty quickly. (Except for jeans, they would take longer. But! If you take the damp jeans out of the washer and then iron them while stretching them on the ironing board, you can make them longer and dry them mostly out at the same time.) You can even take a shirt by the shoulders and shake it out vigorously and hang it up, and it won't need much of an ironing after the 15 minutes. I once heard someone explain why her little child's clothes looked like new - "Never put the clothes in the dryer."

This is amazingly helpful. Fortunately bear's clothes still fit. Mind you, I usually have the dryer on a low heat and set to dry until still slightly damp. It's partly to protect the clothes and partly to protect the electricity bill.

We've started feeding the birds again. I should say that it was perhaps not the best time to listen to 'The Judge's House' by Bram Stoker as an audio book on YouTube.  Rats featured heavily, even though it was just a short story. As it was, DH spotted a huge rat enjoying our suet block and we were deeply unimpressed. 

I have been asking bear to bring down any hangers for some time. I had even gone and bought extra as I was pretty desperate for the things. The pic above is the first delivery. I gave him a Look, but he helped out with a stuck battery and has been pretty helpful and pleasant over the last few days, so I'll save up any sarcasm until after the exams have finished.

Last Friday was his last day at school and he had a blast. There was an obstacle course, jokey awards, icecream, a barbecue and he came home with writing all over his arms (which he refused to show me!). Now it's exams and then he can try and relax until he gets the results on 24th August. 

Whatever happens next, bear's life is changing and so is mine. I suddenly have a different set of demands and I'm not sure where to start and what to do. I won't be calling into Tesco every morning, at least. It's sort of exciting. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Well, at least you have a supply of hangers, now! :D Glad to hear that the clothes fitted even after being in the dryer. :) Best wishes to bear on the rest of his exams and may the results all be good. :)

    1. I'm going to be teaching bear how to do laundry after his exams finish. I wonder how his clothes will survive.