Tuesday 30 May 2023

What Day Is It?

With bear having effectively finished school apart from a few exams, and after all the bank holidays, I'm having trouble keeping up with things. I only remembered to take the bin out at the last minute and I am worried that I'll lose any sense of time at all.

I'm not getting anywhere far with the garden. I've done a few bits here and there, and I'm keeping up with watering, but I'm not really achieving much. The fuchsia is, of course recovering.

Not only can you see the outrageous quantity of weeds, but there are also a few flower buds on the thing. It will be the size of my car before I know it. 

Bear continues working hard. Also, plenty of games. I'm leaving him to it. 

I've set some plans for tomorrow and I'm going to risk sharing them. I plan to write 5k words, do two lessons on the online course I've signed up to, sort through the mountain of clothes and misc textiles in the dining room and pot up the herbs that I bought. I'm not planning on leaving the house, so I should have time. To be honest, it's a fairly tall order, but I'd rather have a target to aim at and I'll see how it goes. 

I also want to see how my steps go. Yesterday I wandered around a lot of shops and was just under the 6k steps target. I wonder if I can get to target just by working around the house. I won't get the benefit of 30 minutes brisk walk, but it would have to be worth something. 

I'll report back on any success and failures. Whatever happens, it should be fun.

And for a success, the birds seem to be coming back to the feeder and I think the rats are giving up. The 'squirrel resistant' feeders may be 'rat resistant' as well. The suet block that attracted the rat yesterday wasn't in a resistant cage and is all gone, but the rest seem to have had normal eating from birds. Now that the suet block has all gone, I hope things will settle a little.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. How wonderful to see the fuchsia forming flower buds, already! It'll be fun to watch it grow and see how much it will grow this year!
    Hope you have a successful day, tomorrow, and accomplish all you want to do. :)

  2. To be honest, I'm insanely invested in the fuchsia. It's fun to see things growing.