Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bear Economics

Bear has been watching a lot of YouTube videos.  I have reluctantly been watching them as well because my attitude to parental control it to actually watch what he is watching.  So I have watched far more minecraft and nerf gun rubbish than I ever want to.  Bear's current favourite is called Stampy who is apparently a cat who has the cheery, upbeat personality of a children's television present and also has squeaky clean story lines.  I ought to be relieved.  

Of course bear now wants to have a go at making his own YouTube videos.  To do that, according to him, he would need a camera and a microphone.  Neither DH or me feel comfortable about that, at least not for now, so we have said that bear would need to save up his £3.50 per week pocket money to get them.  I have no idea how much they are, but I am not going to rush to get a good deal on them.  It is as good a way as any at stalling this.

Bear is also still obsessed about nerf guns, which, to be far, are lovely and complicated and great for little boys.  He really, really, really wants the MegaCenturion nerf gun.  I took this image from the official site.

It is @ £50.  That is a lot on £3.50 per week when things like birthday presents also have to be saved for.  If uncle or father don't just hand over the cash bear may learn something.  I'm keeping a close eye on them.  

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