Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Negotiations continue

Today is a training day.  Yesterday the plan was that we go into town, I buy a new iron (again) and then bear goes to his favourite toy shop for a drool and possibly get something.

Today bear will not be shifted from the house with dynamite.  Looking at the cold, grey and wet weather, I'm not trying too hard, and I have borrowed father's iron.

It's a good day for a duvet day.


  1. If your weather is like our weather, a duvet day was a very good plan! Hope you have had a good day together xx

    1. It's been lovely, bear has been delightful and it was very welcome. I hope you are okay - I've been worried about you and your daughter. Flu is extremely underrated and can leave people so weak. Fingers crossed FH is unscathed WS xxx