Monday, 20 January 2014

Toothfairy Inflation

Bear has lost another tooth.  After the three act operatic drama that was the first tooth, this was remarkably low key.  One minute he had a tooth, the next minute he had lost it down the side of the car seat.  DH managed to find something that looked a bit toothlike and did a gypsy switch just before bedtime.  Unfortunately he didn't have a 50p so he got a whole £1.  This is very important to bear, as it brings him one step closer to his goal of having every single nerf gun in existence.  At least, this is his goal until something else crops up.

It is a bit of a good news/bad news type day.  On the one hand I managed to fit the grill pan in the dishwasher which is a wonderful thing for me.  On the other hand the new cream cleaner that I tried on the cooker stinks and the bottom two floors of the house smell foul.  I've got a little further on in the ironing, but I still haven't managed to get hold of uncle's social worker.  I've finally remembered to get the burgers out of the freezer but I haven't got the potatoes peeled and I am about to go and pick up bear from school.

It is a gorgeous day.  I haven't managed to get a photo of the translucent quality of light that you only seem to get at this time of year, with the air cold and bright and slightly misty in the distance.  But I took a picture of a rosebud hanging grimly on for better weather and some cyclamen that are flourishing.  I hope they get past this cold snap that is coming up.

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