Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bear finds a Treasure

I want a new kitchen table.  Actually I want a 'new' kitchen table.  I have a large round table in the middle of my kitchen and to be honest it isn't helpful.  I thought I would get a smaller, oblong table, big enough to peel potatoes at and to put against the one free wall (next to the radiator, I don't know exactly how I am going to work that) against two power points which I could use for the kettle.  I used to have the kettle where the dishwasher is now, and it has never really found a happy home since the dishwasher came.

So I went down to a sort of flea market type place, filled to the brim with the results of house clearances.  There was some amazing stuff, I could have filled the house three times over.  However I walked away with a small drop leaf table (which will go through the door) which is exactly the right small size and a very small chest of drawers that will be perfect for keeping the gloves, hats, scarves etc next to the coat rack in a forlorn hope that they will not get lost.  That came to a total of £75.

These are photos taken at the place - which was so stuffed with good stuff that I could hardly get around!

However bear came away the happiest.  He managed to find an original 1965 Doctor Who Annual, the very first every produced and my father got it for him - £20 and the happiest bear in the world!  It seems a lot of money, but bear is cherishing it and it is something that, handled with care, is likely to appreciate in value.

We'll probably call back, there are a few bits we could do with but no hurry.  I want to try and not spend for a little while - ebay and Approved Food permitting.  

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