Thursday, 30 January 2014

Grey Day

It's cold here, not snowy but cold.  The sky is depressingly grey and my mood seems to be with it.  Normally I can make a good effort of looking at the bright side, but today there is nothing much wrong and I just feel flattened.  I have absolutely no right to feel that either.

Bear is currently arguing bitterly about homework.  The current issue is his handwriting that is so bad that it is beyond illegible and is straying into modern art.  Bear is adamant that his handwriting is perfect.  It is the best indication yet that he will be a doctor.  If nothing else, he qualifies on the handwriting.

I picked up a new iron.  It was a cheap one from Sainsburys as I left the Argos gift card at home.  This means that when bear does his now routine visit to town on Saturday with DH he will have a packed programme.  Bear needs to have his feet checked and then will have to call in at Argos before going to drool at his favourite toy shop.  I will have to think of something I need from Argos to liberate the money - and I will have to need it.

Still, while I was at Sainsburys I managed to pick up two pairs of school trousers for bear at £8 for both.  Matalan haven't had any in the shop.  These will probably be that bit too long and fray the hems, but at least I haven't got caught up in shopping for them.

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