Saturday, 4 January 2014

Doing Sums

I have now unsubscribed from Approved Food's emails.  However the last one has caused me to ask some careful questions.

They had/have a deal on Maggi sauce.  It's an acquired taste that I acquired from uncle, and I really like it.  It isn't always easy to get hold of either.  I would save 50p per bottle, so I would need to order 11 to break even on the postage.  It doesn't go off, has an expiry date of December 2014 and I would easily get through 20 bottles before then, or nearly.

I really don't want to get any more food, my kitchen is beyond stuffed.  I don't want to spend too much either as we have a car in the garage.  On the other hand, it is an amazing bargain.  If I hadn't heard about it I would be happily not worrying and paying @ £1 per bottle and not stressing.  It's what caused me to unsubscribe to their emails.

I can't find the amount of a minimum order, but I think it is around £15.  I saw a few bits and pieces that I can't easily pick up locally, like a colour magnet to go in with the washing and such like, that can easily  take it up to £15 and save more than the postage.  But I am not sure I have places to put it.

I shall walk away until tomorrow morning, and if they still have any Maggi in stock then I shall see exactly how much I can get for £15 while still saving more than the postage and only getting things I want to use or that I have space for.  If I do get anything, I'll share.

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