Friday, 3 January 2014


My kitchen is full of food, really, really full.  Part of the problem is that the cupboards are very damp so I am careful what I put in there but actually in the aftermath of Christmas there are heaps and piles and stacks of food.  I got a vast Approved Food order, apparently I saved just over £297 (cost £66 something) and the kitchen is piled with breadsticks and jaffa cakes.  It won't go to waste but it may take a while to use up.  This isn't a bad thing.

I have just ordered a pack of meat from Market Delivered.  I am a bit worried about this, actually.  I really need to think about stuff before I press 'buy'.  I am getting 2lb mince, 2lb pork chops 11/2lb of braising steak, 2lb joint of silverside (lovely in the slow cooker), 4 chicken legs and 4 burgers for £30 and I would expect to get 9 from that.  The link is here.

I have fish coming on the same order.  The fishmongers on the same site do a very nice natural smoked haddock that goes lovely in kedgeree.  It isn't inexpensive, but it is lovely.  That will be used up on the day of delivery.

The problem is that my freezer is also full, very, very full.  I am hoping against hope that I'll be able to squeeze it all in.  Irritatingly the freezer is full of stuff that is there to fall back on - one of the best uses of the freezer.  There is frozen veg, some burgers I can cook from frozen and fishfingers.  I would utterly fail without fishfingers.  There is also box after box of frozen pizza.  This is from the time bear was taking a packed lunch and was condescending to eat cold pizza slices.  Now he is on school dinners (and staying there as long as I can convince him) they are not likely to get eaten apart from an occasional after school snack.  I can't eat them, DH can't eat them and father isn't keen.  They are being used up for bear's birthday party but that isn't until after the meat delivery and so I am going to have to cram it all in to the freezer and hope for the best.

This morning DH asked bear about breakfast.  I could have cried.  The kitchen is groaning at the seams and for the first time in eighteen months he asks for rice krispies.  We haven't got any.  How about cornflakes?  We are out of those as well, as bear hasn't touched them throughout 2013.  Bear did his best impression of a deprived orphan.  How about weetabix?  He had the last weetabix in the house.  At least it was comparatively healthy.

I keep failing in bear's provisioning.  I find myself asking questions like, 'what do you mean, you want ginger biscuits?  We never have ginger biscuits? When did you actually eat a ginger biscuit?  And what do you mean that the cheese isn't like when you visit my brother - it's exactly the same in a different location."

Bear is going to remember growing up in a house where there was never any food in.

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