Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Doing Sums

Bear needs new school trousers.  He is just finishing a growth spurt and currently has the body of a string bean, so his trousers are sitting just above his skinny hips.  They are not looking long even there.  When the trousers are anywhere near his waist you can see his ankles and the trousers seem to be heading north.

The best trousers for school have been those from Matalan, and I can see a Matalan shop from where I am typing.  I suppose the back wall of their building is around thirty yards from my front door.  I should just pop in.

However I never let anything be that simple.  I want around five pairs of trousers, to allow for life happening and a just about seven year old.  It is quite a small Matalan and I can't be sure that they will have five pairs all at once, though I am sure that I could manage with fewer.  I've checked online and the trousers I want are £6 each, so that would be £30 for trousers that had better last him until the end of the school year.

If I order online from Matalan I can guarantee that I would get what I wanted and get 5% cashback from Topcashback.  That is £1.50 which may not be much but it all adds up.  If my order comes to over £50 then I get free delivery and 5% of £50 is £2.50 which is still not a lot but still adds up.  If I order the duvet for my bed that I would like because mine has got holes in then I can easily make the £50 total.

However I don't need the new duvet, especially as I have a lot of blankets, and any cashback on just trousers would be swallowed up by the delivery charge.  Bear can manage with the current trousers for the next week or two so I can pick up the trousers as I go along.  I like to have a clean pair of trousers for bear every day as at his age the chances of a pair of trousers being fit for the next day are slim.  However I have a washer, a dryer and a heated airer.  If I was determined I could manage with just one pair, though I would rather not.

If I buy five pairs of trousers from the store I will pay only £30, though I may have to pick them up as and when, and I often get a Matalan discount mid January so there is a slight possibility that it may be less.  If I order them online I will pay a minimum of £47.50 (£50 minimum order less £2.50 cashback) and while I can get things I would like I wouldn't be getting things I need.  

I'll go instore.  

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