Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bear is looking smart

When left to himself, bear does dress himself well.  He has very clear views about what he likes to wear.  He likes shirts and not t-shirts, he prefers jackets to sweaters and loves waistcoats.

On Boxing Day I wandered into Matalan for the sale and bought bear some clothes for him to grow into next autumn, including the coat I am planning him to wear next winter.  It is lovely, waterproof, well padded and £10.  There wasn't much else there but I picked up a couple of shirts and a pack of three t-shirts as bear has grown out of all of his.

I need to find a better place to stash stuff for later.  Bear is currently wearing the red and black checked shirt I bought for next year together with the black cargo pants that were half price in Morrisons on 29th December but the right size and a tie that came with the outfit he got for the school disco.  He looks sharp, and he put the outfit together himself.  The shirt is a bit big, but less than you would think and looks pretty good on him.  It will be in rags by the time he fits into it properly.  Mind you, I don't think bear has ever had to wear clothes too small in his life - he is blessed, and I know it if he doesn't.

He could probably do with another pair of jeans, which I will hold off on for as long as possible, and possibly a shirt in his current size but I'll hold fire on that as well.  What I will shop for on ebay is a summer jacket for him.  He has just gone to visit his auntie and is wearing a leather look bomber jacket that is padded and looks pretty good on him (though I am a doting mum and I am biased).  That jacket is looking a bit small, and I think the best time to pick up a summer jacket for him will be when people are clearing out their wardrobes after New Year's Resolutions and I may pick up a bargain then.  I am definitely holding out for a bargain!  He doesn't need a rain jacket as last year's will do him, but a denim/leather look/canvas/slightly padded or lined type thing good for cool late spring, early autumn or foul weather in summer would be helpful.  If I don't see a bargain I won't bother.

I'm not looking for me, I have a very nice jacket from last year.  It should do me forever, really, and it is far more fun shopping for bear.

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