Thursday, 23 January 2014

Normal for Here

Someone has used my email address to sign up to Plenty of Fish, a dating site.  It's happened before.  I can't unsubscribe because I can't remember how to enable pop ups, so I just direct all the emails to spam.  The poor man must be wondering why no-one wants him.  Perhaps it's just as well.  I found a picture of him, and the photo has a very unfortunate angle with the jeans and it may not be attracting the right sort.  I'd contact him to let him know, but it would just come to my email.

Uncle has decided that he wants to keep all the books that are older than @ 1920.  This sounds like he is only taking one or two.  Actually it is shelf loads including some elderly encyclopedias which are almost certainly not worth anything.  I'd say it was at least one hundred books - there will be no space in a nursing home especially as the room will need space for a wheelchair etc and I can't see a home with frail people welcoming in stacks of dust and mildew carriers.

Father managed an accidental major breech of school security yesterday.  Apparently he shouldn't have been able to get to where he ended up.

Bear is supposed to be keeping a diary starting yesterday, which was missed due to me not being there (I didn't get in until 9pm!).  He is supposed to listen to the radio and write about one song every night.  We don't have a radio anymore.  I listen to Classic FM on the tv.  I don't think they are expecting Beethoven.  Fortunately you can listen to Radio 2 through the computer.

There is also a major battle between bear and DH.  Bear does not want to go to martial arts any more.  DH wants bear to continue with martial arts.  As I am the one dragging a sobbing, pleading child across the car park I think I may have a stake in the outcome.  It isn't real sobbing and pleading.  It is just bear being dramatic.  I am used to it (most mornings when he has to go to school) but I do get some interesting looks.

Normal for here.

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