Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Let Sleeping Bears Lie

Bear is sleeping on the floor.  Last night he slept on two pillows placed end to end with the fold out bed on edge beside him as a sort of barricade.

As a concerned mother I ought to be dragging him back into his lovely, clean, calm bed.  As someone who knows exactly what bear is like, I am going to pick my battles.  The ongoing battle of the cleaning of the neck is currently a bigger priority.

He had one of the best sleeps for years last night, as far as I can tell, and woke up lovely, calm, rested and a pleasure to be with.  I'll settle for that while I get the Tardis bedding on order.

The weather here is not as bad as some places in the UK.  That is, it is wet, horrible and windy and I broke my umbrella.  The local beck is getting full.  You can see the water from the local drains pouring into it.

And the water level is a lot higher than normal.

And I know how lucky we are, I really do.  Places like Somerset are really struggling, I can't imagine how they are doing.  According to a few bits from reliable weather sources (not the ones that said we were going to be neck deep in snow in November), it looks like the next few weeks are going to continue wet.  I hope they are wrong.  

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