Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Reminder

I saw this article on the BBC, about a dress made out of the silk maps used during WW2.  The silk maps were sometimes sewn into the lining of pilot's jackets or used for special operations.  Here it is...

The silk maps must have a real boon when clothes were rationed.  The rationing didn't end until 1949.  People must have been frantic trying to stretch out the clothes that the kids needed, never mind their own.

Both of my parents were children during WW2 and I heard stories from them about stretching the rations and making do, about wedding cakes made of plaster with a very small Victoria sponge underneath and cakes made with vinegar, and trying to work out how to repair the blackout curtains destroyed in an air raid - and Britain was lucky!  So much of Europe had it far, far harder.  Some of their stories are truly chilling.

I am going off to count my blessings.  Also, the dress is lovely and must have taken some skill to sew.


  1. What an interesting dress! People had to be very resourceful and creative during those times of hardship and shortages, didn't they?

  2. My sister and I had blouses made of parachute silk and were the envy of our mother would never tell us where the material came from but it made us so happy. Clothing coupons were a nightmare as they had to cover knitting wool and clothing and we used to let my brother have our sugar ration in exchange for coupons to buy material for dresses. Our dressmaker used to make duffle coats from army blankets and.............yes..........we did ear them