Tuesday, 19 July 2016

No Bees

We haven't got bees in the chimney anymore.  We've had them there for years, now there are none.  There have been gaps before so I hope that we get another nest soon.  I miss them.

Our chimney is quite a good pitch for the bees.  There are masses of lavender in our garden and a swathe of sweet peas are coming out.  Apart from these, the fuschias, the roses and the honeysuckle, there is a lot of greenery and gardens around.  There is plenty of foraging for local bees.  The chimney is over a gas fire and is undisturbed.  I've even left damp sponges and shallow pools of water out for them in hot weather.

Still, when one insect moves out, another moves in.  The garden is alive with ants.  As long as they don't come into the house, I'm fine.

I am not coping well with the heat.  It is not yet 11am as I type and already my hands and feet are very swollen.  However the weather forecast is 'normal for Yorkshire' in a day or two, so I will be fine.

Hester - bear is quite relaxed about the whole Shakespeare thing, but I think he is a little young for it still.  I won't stop him looking, and if we get a chance to see a good comedy then we'll take him, but I am not trying to push him.  I think he will love Shakespeare in time.  There's no rush.  Mind you, as he cannot cope with all this kissing and romance stuff and leaves the room at the first hint of anything 'mushy' on tv, perhaps he won't get hooked on the comedies straight away.

I admit, I'm looking forward to the day when I stagger downstairs at the first cough of a sparrow to find bear watching a YouTube video of a clip of Hamlet instead of Fifa, Minecraft, Pokemon, Thermodynamics (that was a fun surprise - he explained it to me), the periodic table, science lectures or funny cats.

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