Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bear Has More Trainers

Apparently bear should have been wearing trainers at school.  I thought he had pumps, but apparently he doesn't.  I have no idea where they could have gone.  He said nothing, school said nothing, at least until yesterday when bear was given the hard word - trainers for Sports Day on Friday morning - or else.  Bear is really keen to take part in sports day.

This is why I love Amazon Prime.  I clicked and ordered trainers to arrive the next day at DH's place of work as I was confident they would get there in work hours and we had a maths lesson tonight.  Except they didn't come.  They are currently somewhere in Germany.

This is why I love late night opening.  We were able to go to Sainsburys and get a pair of supermarket trainers that are okayish and (importantly) £8 and will do for tomorrow.

This means that bear will have two pairs of trainers.  I am okay with this.  There are 42 days of school holidays starting in 20 days time and I very strongly suspect that the trainers will wear out long before they are outgrown.

Witch Hazel - I agree, it's great when the sewing contestants were helping each other out.  I think that is a big part of the show's attraction.  It was a great environment.  Bless it's the fourth series that has just finished.  I don't know if you'll be able to see any others (if you want to), but they all have been similar.  Fingers crossed for another show next year.

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  1. Glad to hear Bear got his trainers in time for Sports Day! An extra pair of shoes will come in useful, no doubt. I shall do a search to see if the earlier series of shows are available to watch.