Monday, 4 July 2016

I Ate Cheese!!!!

I ate cheese and I wasn't sick!  This is amazing.  For the last few years I haven't been able to touch the stuff.  A few crumbs of cheese would flatten me.  I would have a blinding headache, be repeatedly and violently ill and be unfit for purpose for at least two days.

Apparently - and don't take this as confirmed science - a lot of people with gluten intolerance have damage to their gut which results in dairy intolerance.  In theory, and I would take care with this and double check and be extra careful, if the gut heals then dairy can once again be taken.  I miss cheese.  I could eat all the cheese I wanted when I was younger.  I grew up in Cheshire, where cheese is taken seriously.  Cheshire cheese was known to the Romans and mentioned in the Domesday Book.  There are salt mines underneath the beautiful green fields of Cheshire and there is a theory that it gives a special tang to cheese produced there.

I think only those on a restricted diet would appreciate the risk I took.  I love quiche and there was some gluten free quiche reduced for quick sale yesterday, from an hysterically high price to merely ridiculous.  I couldn't resist it.  The cheese concerned was feta, which is a low risk cheese, and I thought, darn it to heck, I have got to have a go.  I miss eating normal food.  I miss not having to check everything on a menu.  I really miss just being able to take advantage of a good offer without checking the ingredient list.  So I ate the quiche - and nothing bad happened!

I'm not going to start stuffing myself with cheese, not even Cheshire, but it's taken the pressure off at least a little bit.  My skin is also massively improved.  For the first time in over two years I don't have open scabs on my hands and only a little on my legs.  This time two years ago I was a mess.  Now all I need to do is deal with the panic attacks that are taking up so much of the day.  I'll start by focusing on this picture of the fields of Cheshire, near Nantwich.

File:Grassland - - 793841.jpg
Image from WikiCommons, taken by John Poyser and used under the Creative Commons Agreement

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  1. I am so happy for you that you were able to eat something you like without any consequences. I hope you are able to overcome the panic attacks. That picture looks so tranquil. A good picture to focus on.