Sunday, 3 July 2016

Medieval Treat

Poor bear.  He loves his maths tutor and their lessons but she had to miss again!  It worked out quite well, though, as we went to a Medieval Day which was amazing!

It was held in Leeds Museum and was free to attend.  Bear had the most amazing time.  The first thing he headed to was a stall manned by people from the Royal Armouries and he got to try out some of the weapons.  His favourite was the battleaxe, which was nearly as big as him, but I got this picture with a sword.

Bear had a go with a medieval style pen, held some of the minerals used for medieval manuscripts and drew his own coat of arms.  He made himself a (very small, thin) book and had a go at an Anglo Saxon sculpture type thing.  He didn't hold all the minerals as they included cinnabar and realgar and both are poisonous (cinnabar contains mercury and was used to produce red, and realgar contains arsenic and was used to produce yellow), though both were used by scribes in the middle ages! They did have samples, but ones safe in boxes.  As it was, after handling the graphite and haematite he needed to go and wash his hands.

There is another event coming up on Thursday and bear is at school!  I'm going to try and get him there straight after school and we should be able to catch the last two hours.

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  1. Sounds like it was a perfect event for Bear to attend! Glad he got to experience it. He makes a very striking medieval knight!