Thursday, 28 July 2016

Bear has Expectations

It's all my fault.  First of all I let him watch Eat Well for Less.  I thought it be helpful when he was older.  Bear has approved the Tesco Wheat Biscuits but does not approve of the frozen berries.  He insisted on defrosting them, and it was a long and careful process using the microwave in ten second bursts.  I don't think that helped.

So he has Views on what he wants to eat, now he wants to cook it.  My kitchen is a state.  The main issue is that I am a dreadful housekeeper but it isn't helped by issues with the cupboards and all sorts of stuff emptied everywhere as the man still hasn't come to do the electric.  So I have to do some serious sorting to allow for bear to cook.  I have to move quite a lot of stuff around.  Ideally I would sort out the walk in cupboard first, but that's not going to happen in bear's time frame.  Then I need to clean.

On the bright side, my leg is still very bad and short bursts of activity will be great.  Also I have repotted Dilly and Dally.

This is Dally in her new homw.  I pruned them strongly before I repotted, so you are seeing Dally after she was cut back.  Here is the prunings.

I can't think of anything useful to do with scented geranium leaves, though it seems a shame.  Out they go.  

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  1. If you haven't already tossed the scented geranium cuttings, you can root them to start new plants. As for the leaves, you can dry them to use in pot pourrie or use them to scent sugar. This site has a lot of uses for them: