Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I had looked sceptically at the weather forecast.  While everywhere else is due to get a week's worth of rain, we are likely to stay unreasonably hot and dry.  However there were hints that the skies could open around bear's play time so I sent him to school with a rain coat.  I suggested he carried it, he wore it.  The playground was interesting.  Most were just in shirts or blouses.  Two, a brother and sister, were in full winter coats - and done up too!  One or two had a cardigan or sweater - why?  8.55 am and it was already baking hot!

I felt slightly justified when at least thirty rain drops fell while the kids were waiting to go in.  I really can't wait for this weather to break.

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  1. Hope you get some cooler weather, soon. If it makes you feel better, we are in the 90s, here (high of 98F for this afternoon), with 100+ forecasted for later in the week. No rain, of course.