Monday, 18 July 2016

Affected By Brexit

I'm trying to avoid politics.  The UK is having a serious and undignified political hissy fit.  It doesn't make us look good internationally.  I would also like to apologise for Boris Johnson.  Just in general.  I'm sure he will happen with panache, vigour and to the detriment of the respect for our country.

Now it has hit home.  My favourite indulgence is Reese's Cups.  I love them far too much.  If you are not familiar with them, avoid!  They are chocolate cups containing good quality, smooth peanut butter and are desperately addictive.  They are an import from the USA.  This is a picture of what I get from Tesco, which is where the picture is from, a pack of four lots of two cups instead of the bigger three cup packs in a vain attempt to limit my calorie intake.

My favourite American snack - and that's the problem.  The exchange rate has changed sharply.  I don't know if the actual cost of the Reese's Cups has changed or whether the shop has taken advantage of the hysteria to change the price but it has changed.  For well over a year the price has been stable at £1.99 a pack, or sometimes less if there is an offer.  Now it has jumped to £2.30.  I can't work out the percentage difference, but it feels like a lot.  I wonder if my lovely woodwick candles will be affected - probably.

I have no crystal ball to see what will happen, but I expect that all sorts of things will change price - many of them without reason but just because the supplier can.  I'm going to be brave, learn to love haribo (factory less than thirty miles away) and get over it.  I'm currently comfort eating - with fresh peas.  There are still plenty of luxuries left.

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  1. So sorry your favorite snack has gone up in price! I guess it's any excuse to raise prices!