Monday, 25 July 2016

Talk Me Out of It

I keep wanting to get veg boxes.  They are so full of promise and the pictures are amazing - but I never use them all.  I used to get them from Leeds Market, and the quality was amazing, but they don't deliver any more.  Unfortunately I have found a new supplier.

I really want to be good with veg boxes.  I want to get the box and rub my hands and plan all sorts of meals.  I want the inspiration to try new things, the joy of new flavours instead of the same old same old.  It won't happen, especially not at the moment.  I know that I will get a box, look at it blankly and reach for the frozen peas.  I really want a fruit box as well.  I know that I can shovel all sorts of stuff into bear, but his pals are more of a problem.  Sometimes I worry that bear isn't getting what for him are treats - celery sticks and cherry tomatoes - as his usual pal can't bear the smell of them.

Here is a picture I have found

The dog in the house behind has learned to yodel.  It is incredible.  It's a hound of some sort, you can hear when they go out as he grumbles.  Being a hound, the grumbles travel, but it doesn't sound in distress.  It sounds like a teenager complaining things aren't fair, but in a fairly musical hound-type grumble that isn't quite a howl.  Now the hound is getting into his stride.  He starts off with a few musical moans and then warbles.  Aowaowaowaowaowaowaowaow.  It could be worse.  It's not so long ago that the previous tennants were playing Tammy Wynnette, 120 decibels at 3am.  A hound yodelling is far more acceptable.  It is also a lot more musical than the Jack Russell next door but one who does not suffer in silence.  He does not do anything in silence.  The noise he makes when he gets a ball stuck behind the plant pot has to be heard to be believed.  He is an excellent warning system as he nearly explodes when a human goes past without giving him a cuddle.  He really is a sweetie, though.

Witch Hazel  - you are awesome!

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  1. My daughter has been talking about getting a weekly produce box; $13 or so for a small box and they contain so-called "ugly fruits and vegetables" she said - the imperfect ones that supermarkets don't want and which might otherwise go to waste.