Thursday, 28 July 2016

Influenced by Television

Last night bear was allowed to stay up later than normal to watch Eat Well for Less (scroll down to get the recipes instead of the programme links).  No matter what time of year, no matter when he goes to bed, he is up at the first cough of the sparrow so he needs to get into bed fairly early.  Last night he didn't go upstairs until 9pm.  We all thought it was worth it.

One of the items tested were wheat biscuits - brand name weetabix.  Bear piped up that he liked weetabix, could we get some in.  I love weetabix, but obviously can't.  Sigh.  Bear sometimes loves them but sometimes doesn't.  I've taken a risk and last night added a pack of the Tesco wheat biscuits that came top of the blind taste testing last night and some frozen berries.  I hope bear will eat them.  This is what they look like on the website.

So more stuff has been added that we wouldn't have otherwise, but it's a lovely, healthy breakfast if bear will enjoy it.

It is lovely to catch bear out sometimes.  Bear was being very vociferous and insisting he would have always tried the cheaper version.  One of the things tested was the value muesli from Tesco that bear had utterly rejected.  He has conceded that he may try it again but with berries.  I shall wait and see.

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  1. At least he's willing to give them another try! :) He sounds so cute!