Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nobody Told Me

Eat Well For Less has started again, and I didn't realise!  It's on catch up so I have watched the first two now.  I was just stunned that in five years the first family had never made a dinner that included their youngest daughter.  I hope that they were exaggerating for the programme.  For five years the youngest daughter had had microwave meals separately because she was a vegetarian and everyone else loved meat.  I mean, I know there must have been times when people ate separately, but there must have been times when they all sat down to a veggie pizza or a nice ratatouille or something.

Bear has been watching with DH and I.  He quite enjoys it.  We include him in our discussions and I see it as part of his education.  The discussion after last week was lazy garlic.  We have a jar of lazy garlic.  It lives in the fridge and we occasionally add a spoonful to something.  A jar is £1.45  Here's a picture to make the blog pretty, picture taken from Tesco, where I get it.

I could get a pack of 4 bulbs of fresh garlic for 89p, but I don't use garlic all the time.  The first bulb would probably get used but the rest would wither and rot before I got round to them.  However a jar keeps nicely in the fridge for months.  I couldn't justify pre-chopped onions, though.  We use onions all the time.  However if I only used them once or twice a month but wanted some on hand, I would consider keeping a small bag of chopped onion in the freezer.  Often frozen veg is fresher than the fresh stuff, as it was frozen within hours of being picked instead of being carted around the country, and sometimes across countries.

I've ordered the recipe book from Amazon here.  It's an extravagance, as it will be on offer very soon, but I'm hoping I save the price by using the recipes.


  1. That is great that you include bear in your discussions. I'm sure he enjoys being able to participate.

  2. What were the rest of the family eating then? Couldn't the vegetarian daughter have eaten the non-meat elements of the main meal, and just had something additional for the protein element?
    I think Lazy Garlic is a great invention. Before we started growing garlic (and chillies), we always had some lazy garlic in the fridge (and lazy chillies. I still keep a tube of lemongrass paste in the freezer too.