Thursday, 17 October 2019

A Clear Road!

Did I mention that the big roadworks, the ones big enough for elephant traps, had gone leaving only a badly scarred road surface that will no doubt end in a gazillion potholes? This left only one, small roadworks that wasn't nearly as much trouble - and there were no holes there tonight! For the first time since I started driving lessons, it looks like there may be no roadworks on the school run.

The only other thing of interest today was a cat, also on the school run. When I drop bear's pal off, there is a particularly tricky stretch of road that curves sharply and steeply, is almost exactly two car widths across from kerb to kerb, and normally has lots and lots and lots of cars parked so you have to inch your way up, peering desperately round the corner just in case (double decker buses are scheduled every ten minutes during the day), ducking in and out of gaps in the parked cars and, occasionally, reversing to somehow work out a solution. It's also quite busy as it's near a school and it's a large estate. It is a challenge. Today, as I crept up the hill, there was a ginger tom crouched in the middle of the road. He was watching the hedge and completely oblivious to the metric tonne of car beeping madly at him. Eventually he noticed, and it was very clear that he wasn't sure that he could be bothered or not. I was staring in disbelief and I had bear and his pal falling about laughing in the back as the cat casually sauntered out of the way, taking his own sweet time. And then there were a train of cars trying to get down the hill I was going up so we had to dodge each other and manoeuvre and I would have been up already if it hadn't been for the dratted cat.

Writing stuff - another quiet day. I have posted a poem here and Timothy Bateson has posted a book teaser for one of his own awesome stories on his 31 Days of Halloween here.

Hugs to all.

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