Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Weather Continues

Kate - that sounds just about my level at the moment.

We have been much luckier than many people, but we have still had steady rain all day. It's been depressing, and I put off going to the tip as I wasn't sure about driving the run in heavy rain.

Today I bought an extra large storage box. It is huge! It is 160 litres and sounded like a train was arriving at the supermarket when I dragged it to the till. It was empty, so the noise rattled really loud. It has wheels, so I could pull it by the extra handle, but then had to manhandle it onto the checkout so that the poor assistant could find the ridiculously small bar code. Then I couldn't get the dratted thing in the boot. At one point I thought I would have to take the monster back for a refund or walk home with it. However I did manage to squeeze it onto the back seat - after some effort. Bear thought it was hilarious when he got to the car and there was a huge black shape in the back. Bless him, he got the thing out and dragged it upstairs for me and I was very grateful.

Bear is feeling particularly upbeat at the moment. We have discovered that the more he practises music, the easier he finds homework and life in general. I very much approve of this. He looks so much better in himself.

I tentatively suggested that he try out some Tai Chi, as it would be a good exercise for him and wouldn't be too hard on his joints. He vetoed this and said that actually he wanted to do fencing. Apparently he had been asking for ages - possibly when I was in another room as this was news to me. I wanted him to do fencing a while back, and he had been quite good for a beginner, but he had complained that the protective gear made him too hot, and it was nothing at all to do with having to get two buses. Now I can drive, however, fencing is back on and of course he won't be too hot. So I nodded, smiled, and he starts again a week on Friday. I will have to park in a multistorey car park. I am terrified.

Writing stuff - there is something every day this month. I'm trying to put something in my blog most days. Some of it will be new, some of it will be stories I wrote a while back and I may look out for some of my favourite snippets from literature to share. Timothy Bateson is once again hosting 31 Days of Halloween, with lots of guest posts and October Frights starts on 10th October. Today I have my response to the writing challenge here. Timothy kicks off the month with an article from Jaq D Hawkins about why we are fascinated by dark spirits and you can find it here

Hugs to all.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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