Tuesday, 8 October 2019

I Can't Drive in Socks

Pam - I'm going to go over what is in the freezer and see what I can use. I've got an idea of what meals will be on the table (theoretically) until next Tuesday, but then I think I may start by using up a chicken joint that I got at a really good price and it will cover a couple of meals.

Sharon - I think that sometimes the roadworks are just to add new pot holes.

Barb - The peak time for roadworks here is usually March, when they are desperately trying to use up the budget before it resets in April. They seem to have got in early this year.

Today I wore socks with my shoes. Normally it's bare feet, because I just wear slippers in the house, and can just slot into shoes and get going. It is getting cooler, however, and I thought it would keep my feet cosy. However I ended up completely misjudging the revs and I must have sounded very aggressive in first gear. As the car has an excellent heater, I'll stick to just shoes for now and hope it doesn't get too cold!

I had a Tesco delivery today. I got a thank you card. Apparently I have done 450 online shops with them. My instinctive reaction was, 'is that all?' Inside was a scratch off panel and I won 250 extra clubcard points, which will go towards something. I may use all my points to pay for goodies over Christmas. 

Apart from that, it was a quiet day. I took some stuff to the tip, and managed to join the busy bypass without much incident, even in socks!

Writing Stuff - I have something new in response to this week's writing challenge here. Timothy Bateson has a book spotlight about 'Vampire Detective Midnight' which sounds intriguing. And don't forget, The October Frights Blog Hop, with all sorts of posts from all sorts of people, starts on Thursday.

Hugs to all.

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