Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Is it Only Wednesday?

I kept forgetting, my brain is mush at the moment. Thank you to Helen who suggested making pfeffenusse (scary thought) and to Heather who let me know that they have gluten free Lebkuchen at Asda. I shall have to pay a visit. It's a scary drive, but perfectly possible.

It can wait until after half term, though. I feel scattered in a dozen directions. I took bear and his pal to the Royal Armouries today. The drive there was okay but the multistory car park was truly scary. It was really full and all the cars were parked right to the edge, so every corner was incredibly tight. Red is only a little car, and she's great on corners, but I was hanging on to the steering wheel like it was the last lifebelt on the Titanic. I really thought I would ding something, but we ended up on the roof and, as it was lovely and bright, that wasn't so bad. Then I got incredibly lost on the way home, as I still haven't got the hang of how far '300 metres' is. It's longer than I keep thinking.

The Armouries was fun. They had fun firing crossbows - real ones! There is a crossbow shooting range and they took advantage of it. The food there was incredibly expensive, though, and we ended up getting something from the local corner Tesco.

Writing stuff - there is a very short story from me here and Timothy Bateson has a guest post from Stacy Overby about Halloween traditions here.

Hugs to all.

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