Friday 16 December 2022

All Normal Here

 The fuchsia is looking washed out. Most of the colour has gone with the frost.

And I probably won't post pics of it again before around next May, when it gets going after the winter.

Today the car looked like this after an hour of driving - still with a roof covered in frost!

And the windscreen washer fluid froze. It's a lot colder than normal here. Annoyingly, I had some 'works below -19C' washer fluid to use for the car but the service I had a week or so ago topped it up with normal fluid. It should settle down by Monday, and I'll see what I can do when the weather changes.

Bear has finished for the holidays. Poor kid has already started revising. But - and the reason that I am posting - he has had a really good report with excellent scores on 'attitude to learning'. I am so proud of him. He also got a certificate for being the best in the form or something. He is not exactly sure what it is and so his explanation is a little vague, but I'm proud of him. 

My mental health is a bit hit and miss at the moment, but you are all awesome and I want to remind you that. And as I am more random than usual (which is going some) I thought I would share a video from a channel devoted to getting the best results with laundry - here. They have some interesting stuff, if you have to face laundry on a regular basis, so I keep watching them. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Well done, bear! We are all very proud of you and your achievements! Doesn't 'best in the form' mean that he was the best student in his class? That's what I think it means! I don't even know him and I'm proud of him! I hope his attitude towards learning will continue. :)
    The fuchsia might have faded, but, I really like that photo of it against the background of the white door. :)
    By the way, I love that laundry video! I have an "express wash" cycle in my washer and now I know when I should use it! :D

  2. At least you have a rest from the school run now Bear is on holiday so you don't have to worry about the car quite as much. Bear really is dedicated with his revision ... he deserves to do well. Congratulations to him for his good report and for coming first in whatever it was!

  3. Hugs to you. Take care of yourself. Hopefully the break in the car run will be a nice break. Tell Bear he needs to relax a little too in the holidays! I'm not sure what's up with the washer fluid. Ours works okay and it gets really cold here - maybe it's different lol