Friday 9 December 2022

What a Week

Bless - I may come to you for advice. When bear was in Year Five (he's now Year Eleven), he found some practice test papers for Year Six and corrected the questions. 

Sharon - thank you. Frosty mornings, for me, are best seen through a window when sitting in the warm.

Mary - that is really encouraging to me. I love that bear has so much joy in it. To know that it can continue to be a joy is a real hug and reassurance. 

Eileen - At the moment, no uniform is required in any of the sixth forms that he's looking at, but I may have to get him some new trousers. He's shooting up and around ninety percent leg at the moment and I think one more good growth spurt and they will be comedy ankle length!

Cherie - it seems like no time at all that we took him to school for his first day in primary. Fortunately we hang out together a lot, so we'll have some memories when he disappears.

Hazel - I saved your advice somewhere safe.

My leg still hurts. 

On the way home, traffic was queuing past the turn off across traffic to our street, so as usual I followed around the corner to Matalan car park. I usually turn around and go back so that I'm turning left into our street without having to wait for traffic. It makes things easier as there's usually lots of double parking, double deckers and queues for the traffic lights at that time of day. I got half way around Matalan when my clutch went. There was the most awful, sickening crunch and I couldn't get it into gear no matter what I did. Bear thought the gear had slipped. DH rang the AA and I waited in the car, knitting again, though it could have been worse. I had ground to a halt in a gap so I could roll downhill easily into a parking space and the carpark lights were fine for knitting.

Finally the AA man turned up. He got in, turned the ignition and the car worked perfectly. Dammit. At least I didn't have to get her towed. I'm going to have to take her back to the garage, though, and get it check out. 

And then as I was sitting and recovering, the lightbulb in the study blew without warning. I am so unimpressed.

Bear is applying for a lot of different colleges, just in case. This includes a Catholic college, despite him not being a Catholic or anything much and a college in Huddersfield which is fifteen miles away and, without traffic and at this time of night, takes at least half an hour in the car and probably nearer an hour during rush hour. 

At the risk of jinxing things, tomorrow I'm going to catch up on the blogs that I'm missing and get some serious housewifery sorted out. Also, England play France and while I may not watch the match, because of Qatar, I'll be keeping an eye on the updates.

Writing stuff - I'm catching up with reading as well, and I managed to publish a review of A Kiss for Luck by Isa McLaren here. It isn't my usual fare, but I had fun reading it and got carried away to Italy and the South of France with all sorts of scandalous shenanigans. 

Now I am going to go to bed. 

Hugs and good health tomorrow. 


  1. Isn't that always the way it is? Something goes wrong, mechanic shows up and nothing is wrong, everything works fine! Please do rest that leg!

  2. You're not have much luck with your car lately are you? Possibly time to think about replacing it? At least this latest problem happened in a car park and you weren't stuck in traffic.

    Good luck to Bear with all of his applications.

  3. Sorry about the car. Sounds really unnerving. Good for Bear. Yikes, I can't believe he's getting to the university stage. I was excited and nervous when my kids got to that point. Proud too, though.