Wednesday 7 December 2022


Briony - thank you!

Bless - thank you, and you're right! It was a very Monday-like Monday.

Eileen - DH has been a complete hero. The phlebitis is likely to come and go. 

My leg still hurts. I think I'll need a lifestyle change. I am not sure how to change or where to start. I'll share achievements. Whenever I even think of sharing goals, they fizzle out.

Bear had a 'taster day' of sixth form life at school today. This meant that he didn't need to wear school uniform. Instead he went in wearing a plain black hoodie, a plain black t-shirt and plain black jeans. He had left his school kit in the car, which meant that he had to go out and get his trainers this morning - and they were frozen! He was unimpressed and I hope he didn't realise how funny I thought it was. He had a wonderful time as he had a lesson in Further Maths and explained it to me. Nope, no idea. But I am so happy that he loves his maths. 

It was cold this morning. The roof of the car looked beautiful.

The frost was wonderfully irridescent. The drive was uneventful, but it looks like it may be tricky tomorrow. And I had a stagger around Tesco and found some half priced mushrooms.

The closed cup mushrooms weren't very closed, but they were fine to chop and bung in the freezer as I was running low on them. And I got around another half inch knitted on the shrug while I was waiting for bear, so it wasn't a bad day.

I hope everyone is staying safe.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sounds like it was a much better day than Monday! Glad bear got to try out a day of 6th form and a lesson about Further Maths. I've no idea what it is, either. But, it reminded me of my daughter, who as a 3rd grader, went to 5th grade once a week, to learn pre-algebra; not only did she "get" it, she was helping the 5th graders to "get" it, too! :D

  2. I like the look of frosty mornings, but hate that I actually have to get out and warm up the car.

  3. I have a Maths mad son too
    A levels where Maths,Further Maths
    Applied Maths
    And Physics ( for light relief)
    University also Maths
    Including his PhD
    Now teaching Maths as an American University
    Maths has been , and continues to be, a real source of joy and happiness to him
    I hope it will also be to Bear
    Mary 😊

  4. Frozen trainers! Not a great way to start the day. I'm glad he enjoyed his taster day though. It'll be great that you won't need to bother with uniform any longer, or will he need a new one if he does get into the college he prefers?

  5. Sixth form next year.. crikey that came around so quickly didn't it. He'll change so much over the next few years. Enjoy this precious time while you can.