Wednesday 21 December 2022

Trying Things Out

Valer1e - it costs £7.99 per month. You get to have 10% off two shops each month. You can choose which shops but you can't carry them over. Then you also get 10% off the Tesco brands like Fox and Ivy and F&F clothing. I saved a lot when I was buying bear's uniform there. So if you don't buy clothing, branded houseware or baby stuff then you need to spend two shops that total at least £80 when put together to cover the cost. Tesco works for me, but for the next few months I can see me dropping bear at school, swinging down to the massive Tesco, picking up a few bits there and at the Aldi next door and then straight home so I wouldn't be getting the big shop and saving the money. Tesco suits me, but these days I want to drop into the local Co-op and also a M&S food store is on one route home and marks down the stuff first thing. I could be there when it opens... Honestly, there should be a degree in how to get the bargains!

Bless - you really need to work the numbers these days, and I fail at numbers! But I was really cheered up by the carrot bin, so that was something!

Sharon - I avoid Pringles as they can have gluten, so that keeps me safe. And before loading up with them, I checked the 'use by' date. I learned about that the hard way! I'm trying to structure things so that I can make things for me regularly. It's just getting everything set up. As for bear, what he will eat changes faster than the weather!

I took the car in to sort out the washer fluid. I want to shout out to In n Out at Pudsey, who are awesome. They are used to me, they let me knit while waiting for the car to be sorted, they are lovely and polite, tolerant and friendly. It turned out that the car had blown a fuse when I tried to get the washers going when it was frozen, which is a known problem for the Citroen. They just dealt with it so quickly and are so reasonable. 

This morning I had a huge box delivered. My current chair is in a state of collapse, so I got one inexpensively from eBay and it was delivered early. I was expecting it tomorrow. So the huge box got left at the bottom of our steps this morning when DH was out and bear was asleep. It wasn't hugely heavy, but the battle to get it up the steps was real. I sort of hoicked one corner up a step, then the other, then the next step and so on. There were no convenient handles and our steps are not shallow. Here's a pic from a while ago to give you an idea.

DH and bear put it together while I was out with the car, and it is awesome. I'll try and remember to get a pic, but I'll have to do some furniture shifting to get it in place. 

I've been playing around on Canva again. I made a bit of a mess of the Merry Yule message that I made for Facebook. The one that I made for this week's chatty bit turned out a lot better. 

Writing stuff - I'm sharing the chatty stuff because I mentioned the pic, but it's here. As a Christian, I don't celebrate the longest night of the year, but it feels like it should be marked, like a point of balance. It's definitely a writing time of year.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Glad your car was checked and the washer fluid problem fixed. Looking forward to seeing your new chair!

  2. Thanks for the explanation about Tesco Clubcard Extra. I thought it was something like that. I just don’t want to be forced to shop anywhere because I’ve paid them. Much prefer to pick and choose as I wish, though there’s only a Co-op, Tesco and Waitrose here, and I have to go on the bus to two of those.

    How nice to have a new chair. A chair of your own is so personal that it must be exciting and I hope you have a lot of happy sitting together. A picture would be good.

  3. I'll celebrate the opening of an envelope and love nothing better than cooking for my friends.. well maybe i love gardening more but that won't be happening for a few months.

  4. I hope your new chair is lovely and comfy and encourages good dreams and exciting storylines for your writing. xx