Sunday 4 December 2022

Unexpectedly Revolving

Briony - I don't do numbers. Bear has been correcting and checking my sums since he was seven. I write books, DH has an English degree but bear does numbers. I just watch from a safe distance.

Bless - thank you! I'm keeping everything crossed for bear. I'm possibly considering the doctor, but it's hard for me to point at much particular. I'll have to have a think about things. 

Sharon - thank you! I have never been tested for Covid once, because I've always just stayed out of the way if I've felt poorly. I may have some stuff dragging me down though. 

We put up the Christmas tree today, well, DH and bear did. We have had a holographic tree, with different coloured lights for the last few years but this year it wasn't playing. We got the occasional flash of colour, but it wasn't working properly at all. So DH raced to B&Q and got in through the doors at the last second. He got a nice white holographic one that was 25% off in the sale, plus 10% off as it was ex-display (last in the store) plus £5 off as it didn't have a box. As he fiddled with the plug and the new one didn't work, he had a look at where the power strip was plugged in - and it was only half in. The old tree worked fine, it's just that the plug needed pushing in. 

We considered taking the tree back, but instead we now have one in the study and one in the living room. But we kept the old one in the study as that's where we sit and we like that the best. DH got it all set up, checked the plugs twice and then turned it on. The tree lit up and started revolving.

We've never seen it turn around before and we have had that tree for years. It's the only one that bear can remember. It's a nice table top size and it looks great. It doesn't even need decorating. And we found that when DH put it together after all the fiddling around that there is a switch in the base that we hadn't realised, and the tree is supposed to turn. Watching it made me feel seasick, and we switched it off. You learn something new every day.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Oh, that's too funny about the tree not lighting properly because it was only half plugged in; I thought that sort of thing happens only to me! LOL. Plus you discovered that the tree revolves, too!

  2. Nice tree. Lol - that is funny though that it wasn't plugged in properly. Sounds like something I would do!

  3. Oh thanks Lyssa, this made me laugh. I love that you've had your tree for years and didn't know that it revolved! xx