Monday 12 December 2022

Hello Monday

Eileen - it was as sweet as a nut this morning.

Mary - bear has also mentioned that Warwick is awesome, and that he would rather go there than many of the fancier sounding ones. I just hope he ends up somewhere where he is happy.

Sharon - thank you! The sky was such a delicate colour, but my camera phone didn't do justice to the moon which was very clear and bright and seemed much bigger than in the pic.

Bless - thank you! That fuchsia is much tougher than me.

The car ran perfectly this morning. Bear still came home on the bus, though. I'm taking him in to school but then it's off to the garage and he's on the bus home again. I'm hoping that they can find the problem tomorrow. 

The trouble is, the usual route I come home goes through Birstall roundabouts and if I break down there then the traffic jam will be horrific. I'm working out where to go based on the chances of me causing road chaos. 

I've also been feeling the stress of a few things and have had panic attacks all day which I haven't appreciated. I caved and started knitting with this yarn.

I'm going to try and get some cables in the blanket.

Writing stuff - I wrote a very short story about Christmas which is here. I'm also sharing a poem I wrote about the cold and a bright moon, called Frost on the Moon, which I wrote in a July afternoon. I'm sort of proud about the poem, although normally I avoid all poetry involving the moon as I get carried away. The writing has been helping.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Glad your car behaved well today; hope the garage can figure out what's going on. What vibrantly colored yarn! You are making me want to order some yarn to replenish my stash! :D

  2. Glad the school run went well. It is disconcerting when there is something wrong with the car and thoughts like that dance around in your head. I hope the garage can fix it. Usually when I say there is something wrong, nothing happens when they are looking for it!

    The poem is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    The face against the window reminds me when we were kids. There was no heating in the bedroom. No double glazing. In the winter the windows used to end up with frost on them and you could press your face against them and melt the frost lol