Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Disappointing Six Inches

Bless - it's one of those things where you have to laugh. I'm starting to wonder what else I don't know about the stuff in the house.

Sharon - I think most people would do something like that. The question is, how many would admit it? I couldn't resist the story - I thought it was hilarious.

Eileen - I'm looking suspiciously at other electronics, just in case. 

Yesterday I did some knitting. It looked like this at the start. 

To be fair, it is 175 stitches or so wide, but I had hoped that I would manage to knit more than six inches. It's 32 inches long now, with only ten inches to go before another two inches of rib and then making up. 

It started off with a visit to the garage. The steering is iffy, the handbrake had started slipping on steep slopes and the gear stick has a trick where it sometimes refuses to get into reverse. I also wanted an interim service as I drive such stop start driving that it clogs up the poor car. The steering was because when I said to replace the tyres in the summer, they hadn't, and had worn down ridiculously. This affected the steering and meant that it was a tiny bit off. That was easily fixed with new tyres, and they tightened up the handbrake without any problem. However they couldn't find the problem in the gear stick. I completely understood. It had gone into reverse with no trouble at all when I parked at the garage. It had completely refused to behave in Morrisons car park earlier that morning. I had been utterly stranded in a corner and had used up about a month's ration of bad language. It comes and goes, so finding the problem isn't easy. I just hope that it perhaps eases up a little so nothing expensive needs doing to get it sorted.

The trouble was that the tyres had to be ordered, and they were delayed. I was stuck there for four hours! Thank goodness I had brought my knitting! Fortunately they had a coffee machine that also dispensed hot chocolate as all I had had so far that day was a yellow sticker Marks and Spencer gluten free cake bar. I was so glad to get out of there. Not only about the wait, with bear having to get the bus home, but because I had called in at the doctor. I was worried about the state of the other leg, and the locum (who really didn't deserve me on a Monday morning) was worried that I had a blood clot there, so I had to trundle off to A&E. They didn't make me wait long, but it felt like ages as they took blood tests which took time to develop. I was around another three hours there, though I indulged in a puzzle book as well there, as it's tricky to pick knitting up and down when you are being called all over the place. The only pic I remembered to get while there was this.

As it reminded me of a pic I took in June - here

Apparently all the chairs are safe now. Perhaps the man-eating ones have been disposed of. The leg is probably suffering from phlebitis, so painkillers and elevation. 

I didn't get home until late and DH, bless him, made me something to eat before I pretty much collapsed. 

Today has been a bumble around sort of day. I'm still shattered and I haven't been able to look my knitting in the face. The laptop has been playing up and I've not been able to get on many blogs either. 

Writing stuff - trying to work on a short short story and came up with this on my writing blog. It's not the shortest piece of writing ever, but it's shorter, and I'll take that for now.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Phlebitis can be very painful; I hope it soon clears up for you.

  2. Oh, dear! Of course it had to be a Monday - it's the sort of thing that makes Monday a Monday! Hope you are able to rest and elevate that leg, today. Take care of yourself.

  3. Is phlebitis something that can be treated and then won't return? I do hope so for your sake. It sounds like you had a long day with lots of waiting around so a meal produced for you when you got home must have made it all seem a little better. DH is a keeper! xx

  4. Well done on the knitting. It actually sounds as though you got a lot done - mind you, I'm a really slow knitter. Sorry about the leg. I hope it feels better soon. It sounds as though you did a lot of running around that day. Isn't that always the way with cars?